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Let's Grow Together!
Join the Füngi Team

Are you gettin' the Feels to Flow with the Füngi and become another node on the team within a growing network with us?

If the answer is Fung Yes! then fill out this form below to let us know about yourself, what you can do, how you would like to contribute, and a link to how we can see some of your work and reach back out to you.

As the fibers extend from us to all ends, our team and community will rise and grow stronger with each breath and connection with one another. If you have the urge to synch in with our flow, we urge you to apply here and let us know.

Mush Gratitude and may the Füngal Förces be with you

Talk to you Shrööm!

Join Our Team and Flow with the Füngi!
How Would You Like to Contribute to the Crew & What Is It You Can Do? [Choose all that apply]

Thank you! We’ll talk to you Shrööm!

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